1379764_533858583358246_243944071_nColleen just finished filming a creature role in ANAMNESIS, with Whiteleaf Productions! Stay tuned for more information on the film and to see the trailer!


1425697_561638530578951_896577664_nColleen has shot and wrapped on her role of Katherine for the trailer and opening scene of LEAF BLOWER MASSACRE 2. Catch the premiere showing of the first of two trailers for the film at the 2013 TERROR IN THE AISLES horror film festival. The event TERROR IN THE  AISLES PRESENTS: SUSPIRIA, DEVIL IN MY RIDE, and THE BLACK CAT will be on Saturday November 30, 2013 at the Patio Theater.

1062734_10151707646494883_958167829_nThe 2nd trailer will also be posted the same night on the LEAF BLOWER MASSACRE 2’s indiegogo page! Be sure to check it out and remeber to become a fan of the film on facebook!