541750_710895662269605_376735502_nColleen has signed with theatrical agency FIRESTARTER ENTERTAINMENT!



Get ready for big things!


 Endless Grungea new 80’s themed web series guest staring Colleen is almost here! Check it out on facebook and become a fan! 


(Colleen Elizabeth Miller as Sheila in Endless Grunge)


DOCTOR SPINE is finally here! This comic book style feature horror film, in which Colleen plays the evil Doctor Spine’s crazy sister is sure to keep your Spine of the edge of its seat.

Doctor Spine

Check out the official trailer below and Pre-order your copy of DOCTOR SPINE today on Amazon for its release date of August 25, 2015!



Colleen has been cast as a guest star in the new show PART TIMERS, the first ever scripted series for YOUTUBE! That’s all we can say for now…stay tuned!