Colleen has been cast in the new feature film Staying Together While Falling Apart. She will be playing Mrs. Harris, a high school track and field coach. Stay tuned for more info.


downloadColleen has booked another spec commercial, this time for the Better Business Bureau. She will being playing Michelle, a young women down on her luck in the kitchen plumbing department and looking for a cheap and easy fix.


The filming for THE CALL To FUTURE went great! Colleen was also asked to be the Head Make-up and SFX  Make-up Artist for the project as well! Here are some stills from the shoot of her acting as well as some of her make-up!

The Call to Future 2

(Colleen Elizabeth Miller as Susanne)

The Call to Future 3

The Call to Future

(Colleen Elizabeth Miller as Susanne and Sarah Serio as Mary May)