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January 2018

FRIENDS THERAPY: Episode 4 right now!!! If you want [...]

December 2017

The trailer for 62 MILLION is here.          [...]

November 2017

The long awaited LEAF BLOWER MASSACRE 2 is finally making it [...]

October 2017

Happy Halloween! No Laughing Matter: Tears of a Clown has [...]

August 2017

SKY GAP's Promo is in undergoing editing, stay tuned. For [...]

July 2017

Things have taken off for Colleen's webseries SKY GAP. This [...]

June 2017

EMERGENCY OPERATION is in its full run and Colleen's unconventional, [...]

May 2017

DRIFTED is off and running in the film festival circuit! So [...]

April 2017

  EMERGENCY OPERATION invites you to an afternoon of Romance, [...]

MARCH 2017

Colleen has been cast in the role of the kooky [...]

February 2017

Colleen made her mainstream Music Video debut this month in [...]

January 2017

Colleen has been cast in the short film 62 Million, [...]

December 2016

Don't miss the Series Premiere of MY CRAZY SEX, co-starring Colleen! Show [...]

November 2016

On Tuesday, November 8, 2016 at 7:00 pm, Colleen will [...]

October 2016

Life's Lemonade is finally here and is available for instant-streaming [...]

September 2016

  Fangs Vs. Spurs World Premiere is coming October 1st, [...]

August 2016

Another big moment for Colleen in film history... the World [...]

July 2016

On July 28, 2016 at 7:00pm THE PREY, costarring Colleen, will have its first [...]