makeup        Colleen began her intrigue of Special Effects (SFX) Makeup with nothing other than being a Halloween freak. Since college she has been designing and making her costumes for the big day from scratch.

Colleen has won many awards in make-up/costume contests at Conventions and Festivals. And after having acted in a few horror flicks, she realized that she could use her talent on a more professional level, and thus started SFX Makeup and costume design for independent films and local theatre companies in the Chicago-land area.

Colleen has designed SFX Makeup for films such as DriftedBaby Alligators,  and The Landlords, as well as has assisted on many others. In the theatre world, she has done make-up for WildClaw Horror Theatre, Bruised Orange Theatre Company, Mary Arrchie Theatre Company, and Rubicon Theatre Project. Some of her credits include the shows Determination, Mud People, Village of K, and Orphan’s Revenge; with costuming credits for Rag and Bone, Offsprung, and Village of K


Black Eye and Bloody Nose