August 2020

Check out Colleen in BabbleLabs latest commercial for the new voice enhancer Source Connect! That wonderful voiceover work at the end is someone you know too. Colleen and her latest project DOLOS make the front page! click the pic to read full article.

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July 2020

Colleen has begun shooting CEM Productions' next short film, DOLOS. DOLOS is a period piece, in which a reprehensible Queen takes revenge on her nefarious doctor after an act of treason is committed. Here are some fun pics from set.  

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April 2020

Join Colleen on May 1st, 2020 at 6pm (PST) for a virtual table read of a new screenplay. LENORE, written by Elizabeth Findley, will be open to the public via Zoom. Follow this link to the facebook event page to get more details and to join on Zoom. Butt Boy comes out on VIDEO ON [...]

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