December 2019

Conversations With Myself will premiere this month. Tune into to the youtube and the facebook and the instagram to watch! One-Armed Rabbit is having its International Debut in Bialystok, Poland as part of the Zubroffka Short Film Festival on December 4th. The event starts at 11pm, Bialystok time. One-Armed Rabbit is an official selection of [...]

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November 2019

One-Armed Rabbit will be making its INTERNATIONAL DEBUT as part of the Midnight Shorts Vol. VIII screening in the Zubroffka Short Film Festival in Poland. Production has begun on Colleen and Rachel Christensen's new webseries Conversations With Myself. This one's gonna be a hoot!                      Colleen [...]

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October 2019

All 3 of CEM Productions' projects, (One-Armed Rabbit, Gertie & Dolly, and KARL) are Official Selections of the Twin Falls Sandwiches Film Festival in Twin Falls, Idaho.   If you're in the area, come meet and greet with Colleen on November 1st and 2nd, and see some great films!

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September 2019

One-Armed Rabbit cleaned up at the Summer 2019 STORMY WEATHER HORROR FEST taking away 3 nominations. Congratulations to everyone involved in making this little flick.    Butt Boy's world premiere is this month at Fantastic Fest and it will be having it's International premiere in October at Monster Fest in Australia with Fangoria. Check out this [...]

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