OFFSPRUNG Reviews (Theatre)

Colleen is causing a stir in the reality based drama, Offsprung by Bridget Fallen. "Colleen Elizabeth Miller is especially good as an acerbic older sister who isn't quite the shrew she pretends to be." - Nina Metz (Chicago Tribune)

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April 2018

Colleen has left the Red Dirt International Film Festival as an Award Winning Writer. Her screenplay KARL has won Best Short Screenplay. She also was a featured performer at the festival, where she got to act out an excerpt from her script, dressed as Karl himself. Here are some images of Colleen and Karl holding their [...]

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March 2018

Colleen has been nominated for BEST ACTRESS in a Narrative Feature by the Red Dirt Film Festival for her role in DRIFTED!  AND... Colleen's script KARL has been nominated for Best Short Screenplay by the fest as well! Congratulations Colleen! Colleen and her writing partner, Carolyn Vasko, go into production this month for the pilot [...]

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February 2018

  Colleen has wrapped production on her first solo project.  THE ONE ARMED RABBIT! Colleen produced, wrote, directed, and stared in this micro short, along side of her amazing crew. She is very excited to begin post production, with hopes of a run on the festival circuit. Wish her luck! Colleen's script KARL has been [...]

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January 2018

FRIENDS THERAPY: Episode 4 right now!!! If you want to see more of FRIENDS THERAPY, write to @ShelbyDash and tell her you want more!!! FRIENDS THERAPY: Episode 3 coming at you... FRIENDS THERAPY: Episode 2 is here!!! It's the new year, so diets are on... at least for a few days. But [...]

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December 2017

The trailer for 62 MILLION is here.                                 Catch Colleen in this intense, new thriller... if you dare.   Wishing you a Happy Holiday! Love, Colleen   Check out this new sketch series, featuring Colleen as a fed-up therapist to the inept [...]

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