August 2018

SUPER EXCITING NEWS!!! We are so excited to announce that GERTIE and DOLLY has found an Editor and we are officially only 1 degree of separation now from America's longest-running primetime scripted series, THE SIMPSONS! Brian Lund has been the on-line editor for THE SIMPSONS for over 15 years now, along with having worked on tv shows [...]

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July 2018

Check out Colleen's new Comedy Speed Reel. ONE-ARMED RABBIT is finished and Colleen has been submitting it to film festivals all over the world. And we just got word of the film's first Official Selection notice to be part of the International Chicago Horror Film Festival. Congratulations to everyone involved. Don't forget to follow [...]

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June 2018

Catch Colleen on set for the upcoming film BUTT BOY, the first feature film produced by the popular, dark comedy, Instagram artists, TINY CINEMA. This one's gonna be wacky. All new COLLEENCHAT coming at you now. Join us for a look inside the lives of conjoined male/female twins, Bobby and Cynthia Gervacio. Without further [...]

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May 2018

Proud to announce that Fangs Vs. Spurs is an official selection of the Laugh Or Die Comedy Fest. It will be screening today, in the 4pm block, at Landmark Cinemas in Peoria, IL. The film has also be nominated for SIX awards, including Best Feature! Congrats to everyone involved! Colleen's first ever solo project, ONE-ARMED RABBIT, which she [...]

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April 2018

SKY GAP is here! Well, a short promo is anyway. And it's Colleen's on camera, Directorial Debut. You won't get any of the inside jokes, but it sure looks sweet...   All new... COLLEENCHAT: The Princess and the Teddy Colleen has left the Red Dirt International Film Festival as an Award Winning Writer. Her screenplay KARL has [...]

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March 2018

Colleen has been nominated for BEST ACTRESS in a Narrative Feature by the Red Dirt Film Festival for her role in DRIFTED!  AND... Colleen's script KARL has been nominated for Best Short Screenplay by the fest as well! Congratulations Colleen! Colleen and her writing partner, Carolyn Vasko, go into production this month for the pilot [...]

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