0114-Final(WEBonly)V2      Colleen is an Irish-Italian, thoroughly-enough-bred, loudmouth Chicagoan. Her only legit credit is a B.F.A. in Acting from Northern Illinois University.

In 2014 Colleen decided to make a long, 18 day trek, and she moved to Los Angeles, California. No, this was not to get away from the cold, but rather so she could pursue her dream of becoming an even more pour, more self-deprecating waitress.

Prior to moving to Los Angeles Colleen did not make her living acting and designing SFX make-up for Indie Horror Films. She also did NOT make ANY money performing on the stage in productions such as, the critically acclaimed CHERRYWOOD, or performing improv comedy in show such as SISTER BERNIE’S BINGO BASH and JUSTICE IS SERVED.

Colleen recently returned home for the world premiere of her last Chicago credit DRIFTED, a feature length thriller where she played the lead character of a down and out prostitute, Maggie Sirilo. Colleen also did SFX makeup for the film on herself and some of her fellow actors.

Alas, however gratifying her trip to the Chicago-land Red Carpet was, Colleen has always known her true calling is comedy and the big screen. So back to Hollywood it is!

In her short time in L.A. Colleen has been featured on the television shows PART TIMERS, MY CRAZY SEX, and MARRIED WITH SECRETS. She also is trying to hone herself as a writer, since no one else is really good enough to write for someone so… Unusual.

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